MyCareerCenter for Community Colleges

A comprehensive career development tool for job seekers at all levels

MyCareerCenter is the leading career management firm supporting colleges and universities; graduate and business schools; libraries and alumni associations across the nation. We pioneered state-of-the-art, online career technology solutions. MyCareerCenter offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly program on the market today. Our products are designed and developed by experienced career management professionals.

MyCareerCenter's portal combines everything needed to assess career options, manage job search campaigns, conduct industry, company and contact research, locate jobs, connect to target company insiders and allow users to achieve their career goals. It combines:

  • Expert career development content
  • Best-in-class research information
  • Job postings, networking, and social media integration

MyCareerCenter allows users to create a personalized career plan, develop accomplishment-based marketing materials and conduct a results-oriented career search. It is an interactive, easy-to-use solution that delivers the most powerful and innovative career tools available today in one comprehensive system.

Branded for your institution and customized to meet your needs

MyCareerCenter provides a private-labeled interactive portal. Your branded site is easily integrated into your website and allows seamless access for your students and alumni. Offering the extensive career resources available only in the MyCareerCenter system, helps to reinforce your commitment to the career development of your students and alumni. Extending these benefits to your populations allows you to strengthen and foster these lifelong relationships.

You have the ability to customize the MyCareerCenter system to meet your needs and the needs of your students/alumni. Select all the resources that MyCareerCenter has to offer or select the unique content, resources and tools that meet the needs of your population.

A comprehensive career development tool for job seekers at all levels

MyCareerCenter has the most in-depth experience with students at all levels (including top level candidates), of any career development firm in the marketplace. Our systems are designed, developed and maintained by career management professionals and we provide advice, support and resources to many of the top level schools in the marketplace, including MBA and EMBA programs.

MyCareerCenter's technology solution and counseling methodology were created in conjunction with focus groups from college and university programs to ensure that our services were aligned to the needs of this audience. MyCareerCenter provides a comprehensive platform that addresses the needs of students and alumni at all levels, including interns, early-level, professional and executive candidates.

What's Your ROI?

The #1 need for schools and alumni associations is career and job search support. Students and alumni need more help than ever understanding how to best brand and market themselves to find fulfilling careers. We offer that solution:

  • Global Reach - Reach students and alumni 24/7 worldwide
  • Increased Productivity - Maximize your resources by reaching more people in less time
  • Secure Jobs Faster - Students and alumni can quickly connect with the right jobs
  • One Stop Shopping - Leverage full service career technology - eliminate separate subscriptions to multiple products in favor of one comprehensive solution
  • Bundled Pricing - Reduce costs by combining multiple university programs under one contract

Some of the versatile tools for students, counselors, alumni and faculty

A sampling of MyCareerCenter's offering includes:

  • Assessments and exercises combining into a Career Profile Report to help users define their best career path
  • Resume and Cover Letter Builders that take users step by step through the process of creating accomplishment-based materials
  • Interview preparation materials and videos to effectively present the value applicants bring
  • Reference and Thank You Letter builders to see job search through to placement
  • Research databases to identify target companies / industries and locate contacts within for valuable networking opportunities
  • Industry Focus modules on the most popular industries providing a wealth of information to target employers including searches by major or profession; job boards with the most recent postings; and breaking news and alerts
  • The most updated job posting databases containing millions of jobs from multiple sources including internships, entry-level, professional and executive jobs
  • Social media integration allowing users to leverage their contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to network and identify potential positions
  • Tons of content including information for an international search, securing government positions and entrepreneurial content to explore suitability and options

Flexible pricing options

To find out more about our custom pricing plans, to speak with an account representative or to request a free trial, call (888) 267-0321.

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